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Dumfriesshire & Cumbria Greyhound Rescue (DCGR) rescue and rehome ex-racing and ex-coursing greyhounds. Greyhounds are gentle and loyal pets. They are usually laid back and lazy, and need little exercise. They adapt quickly to family life and they love nothing better than a cuddle. Please see our Homeless Gallery to see our latest arrivals.

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On Line Shop  The On Line Shop on this website is now up and running and the initial plan is to advertise unusual, vintage, unique and desirable items which prospective buyers can uplift from the charity shop  in Lockerbie, Kirkgunzeon nr Dumfries or in Carlisle. These are in the main items that have been donated to the charity shop but is felt would benefit from a wider audience.  Keep looking in the shop - you never know, you might find that one thing you have been looking for !
Scottish Hound Show For those not involved in the Coffee Morning (see below), there was the opportunity to assist at the Scottish Hound Show at Langholm, where DCGR had a stall.  The surrounding countryside is stunning and our stall which was adjacent to the judging rings, gave excellent views of the hills and of the hounds.  Although the weather forecast said it was to be heavy rain, we were blessed only by showers, which meant quite a few people came over to buy things from the stall and to see our greys.  The greyhounds were magnificent!  With the hounds baying and the terriers yapping, our 7 greyhounds just lazed about wondering what all the fuss was about.  This was until the terrier racing started but more of that later.  At the commencement of the event, we had Graham and Margaret with Molly, Poppy and Sky and then Chris and Brian with Ray brought along Nina and  Evie.. Once the Coffee Morning was over at Lockerbie, Susan with Sally and Audrey with Belle added to the spectacle!  We had quite a few people asking searching questions so who knows what the future will bring in terms of re-homing and £65 will be added to the DCGR coffers.  The first picture is a team one - unusual in the fact that all dogs are facing the camera!!  Towards the end of the afternoon, the Terrier Racing took place immediately behind our stall.  A furry lure being chased by 2 terriers certainly drew the attention of the greyhounds and boy, they were REALLY  interested.  The second picture shows Molly (dancing) and Poppy, Evie and Nina, totally focussed on the furry lure.  All in all, a good day and our thanks to Fran from the Scottish Hound Show for inviting us.

Lockerbie Coffee Morning The DCGR Coffee Morning went ahead as planned on Saturday 16 August.  Not having done one before, the organisers had little idea of what to expect.  However for a first attempt it turned out to be a great success.  
As we found out from the Lockerbie public attending Coffee Mornings are very popular and are supported by a loyal following.  We were informed that had we advertised the event correctly ( in the Local Paper) many more would have attended.
Despite our shortcomings those who did attend were very generous both in purchases and donations and in the hour and a half it lasted we made £219.35!  We like to think that the 10 greyhounds in the Hall had some influence on the total!
Our thanks to everybody who came and special thanks to all the bakers without whom the event would not have been possible.


DCGR doesn't usually bring attention to one (or a group of individuals) in case we upset our other supporters because EVERY SINGLE ONE of our supporters are important to us.  Having said that, there are occasions where some people take that extra step to assist the greyhounds and it would be remiss of us not to recognise that fact.  Jackie Bacci is one of those people, who having read about our 1000 for a 1000 campaign, decided that she personally would try and raise the £1000 herself. What did she do?  Well not only did she cycle 1000 kilometres on an exercise bike in DG1 Leisure Centre but also swam 1000 lengths of the swimming pool (along with granddaughter Cissie from Greece).  The result-  £1000 exactly from this remarkable woman!  Graham, who is co-ordinating the campaign and publicity for the 1000th rehoming said, "It gladdens the heart to see so many supporters doing exceptional things for the greyhounds. Susan with a coffee morning at her house, Audrey with a raffle, Team Greyhound Isle of Man with their coffee mornings and Lynn running the Great Edinburgh Run are among many to whom we owe thanks. Jackie is a lovely remarkable, woman and we are in her debt" How much have we raised?  Well with Jackie's £1000 we have obviously raised our target amount so the new campaign slogan is 3000 for a 1000 !!  The picture shows Graham and Margaret's grandson Struan, who set off the campaign with a £2 donation from his pocket money, presenting Jackie with a small token of DCGR's appreciation.
Crocketford Gala Well if we thought the weather at Gatehouse Gala was bad, this event was even worse.  What a shame for the organisers and the stall holders as due to the weather, attendance was lower than in previous years.  9 hardy greyhounds turned out for the greyhound parade - Molly, Poppy, Sky, Tizzy, Belle, Nina, Evie, Sooty and Dilly - resplendent in their waterproof coats.  Graham did his usual "speaky" bit and then invited a gala committee member to choose the best greyhound on display. This went to Dee Durose's greyhound, Tizzy.  The cuddly toy tombola generated much of the £40 raised on the day, but with the members and their greyhounds as well as the tombola under one gazebo, it was a bit of a squeeze!  The pictures give you an idea of the weather conditions!  Thanks to Crocketford for inviting us and to the friendly welcome by Michelle on arrival.
Pets at Home - Dumfries  DCGR were once again invited to take part in Pets at Home's Adoption Drive and today, Saturday 9th August, attended at their Dumfries store at the Peel Centre. The weather was marvellous and Graham and Margaret set up the information table at 10am.  Unfortunately only Dora, with Davie (who had to get 2 buses) came along to help but the Hunters, who read about our visit on Facebook, popped by to say hello to the greyhounds.  Even with only 4 greyhounds (Davie, Poppy, Molly and Sky) plenty people stopped to chat and stroke the dogs.  At about 3pm the dogs basically gave up and lay down for a snooze.  MAG Days are a great way to interact with the public and to promote greyhounds as family pets.  Members do not need to stay the whole day - 30 minutes or so would be ideal so come on give it a go - you and your grey might enjoy it!  As earlier on in the year, DCGR hope to profit from the visit to Pets at Home by  approx. £600 so it is certainly worth the visit.  The pictures show Dora and Margaret with Davie, Poppy Molly and Sky and one each of Poppy and Sky together and one of Molly.  As you will see, it was at the end of the day and they have all "crashed out"
Stewartry Show, Castle Douglas We had really excellent weather for our annual visit to the Stewartry Agricultural Show on Thursday 7th August and when Graham and Margaret arrived "early doors" to set up it was actually warm!!  As usual, we had some sales items as well as our famous (infamous) cuddly toy tombola and didn't we do well!  The greys on show were Molly, Poppy, Sky, Harry and Tizzy - could have done with some more but there you go!  By the end of the day, we had to waken the greys up to go home as they had such a tiring day being stroked!  By 3pm the cuddly toy tombola was sold out and when the cash box and charity tins were counted, the small band of volunteers had raised a magnificent £168 for DCGR - a record for the Stewartry Show. The picture shows Margaret and Dee with Molly, Poppy, Sky and Tizzy in front of our stall - John and Harry were otherwise engaged - see other photograph. Today was the start of a busy weekend for Graham and Margaret.  On Saturday, DCGR are at Pets at Home in Dumfries (all welcome to come along) and on Sunday, we have the Crocketford Gala in the afternoon.  The organisers have asked us to organise a Greyhound Parade so if you would like to join in the fun, please come along and support us. 
Gatehouse of Fleet Gala For once , the weather forecast was correct and we had torrential rain for most of the day. Did it dampen people's spirits? Not one iota!! Graham set up the Gazebo and was quickly joined by Chris and Brian who "dressed" the stall with all the cuddly toys for the Tombola (running out now so if you have any, please contact us). At 1pm, the floats entered the arena and so did the crowds.  We had queues at the Tombola stall even although it was chucking it down and the greyhounds were receiving a LOT of attention. On the day, we had Tizzy, Poppy, Sparky, Evie, Nina and new boy Patch - all resplendent in their  waterproof jackets (they needed them). Picture shows a team photo just before the crowds arrived. Even although the weather was abysmal, DCGR raised a creditable £130 and our thanks to those members who braved the elements to come along.

1000 for a 1000

Those of you who regularly read our News Page will realise by now that due to Jackie Bacci's wonderful exploits, DCGR has already raised the target sum of £1000 for the above Initiative with still a few months to go before we re-home our 1000th greyhound. As a result of your excellent support, the Initiative as now a new target - 3000 for a 1000. We know that our supporters and members will rise to the occasion and already, we have promises of individual fundraising activities to help us achieve this target.  Remember, if you just want to donate, have an office whip round, bake some cakes, run a marathon or have a coffee morning, we would be extremely grateful.

Come on - Rise to the Challenge!  Every penny raised helps save a greyhound.

1000 for a 1000 for a 1000 for a 1000 - Wonderwoman Jackie.

Today 30th July, Jackie Bacci completed the second challenge of her aim to raise £1000 herself personally for the 1000 for a 1000  by completing the last 200 lengths of DG1 Leisure Centre in Dumfries, along with grand-daughter Cissie. Readers will remember she cycled 1000 kilometres for the Initiative earlier in the year, but this made her determined to raise the full £1000 herself and Cissie, on holiday with her grand-parents, was "volunteered" to assist. Jackie would like to thank all her supporters and specially local resident Janet, who were extremely generous with their donations. Why is the title of this piece - 1000 for a 1000 for a 1000 for a 1000? - well She has raised £1000 by cycling 1000 kilometres and swimming 1000 and we are well on the way to re-homing our 1000th greyhound!  On behalf of DCGR - a BIG thanks from the charity and from our homeless greyhounds.  Picture shows Jackie and Cissie along with Graham's greyhounds, Molly, Sky and Poppy.