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Dumfriesshire & Cumbria Greyhound Rescue (DCGR) rescue and rehome ex-racing and ex-coursing greyhounds who have come to the end of their careers. There will always be a constant stream of greyhounds who need a home and if you look in our Homeless Gallery you'll see our latest arrivals.

We also have our own YouTube channel with lots of film clips of our greyhounds (past and present) as well as footage from events - and lots lots more - just click on the YouTube icon here to take a look!


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If you have any news you would like to share with us, please send your story and photos to  news@dgrescue.org.uk  Thank you!

Kirkcudbright Report!

DCGR's annual visit to the Kirkcudbright Plant and Country Fair was on Saturday/Sunday the 12th and 13th July.
Graham set up the gazebos - one for sale/tombola and one for the Greyhounds - on the Friday so when he and Margaret arrived on the Saturday all that was required was to set out the tables. 
The forecast for the Saturday wasn't good so consequently the event wasn't too busy, but surprise surprise the weather was fine. Nevertheless our stall was pretty busy with Brian on the cuddly toy Tombola, and the Greyhounds - 15 throughout the day - being the main attractions!
The Sunday was dry and warm with the result that the event was extremely busy-as we were!
We were so busy that people were queueing for the Tombola and to see the dogs. Brian is pleased to report that the cuddly toy tombola only had 3 prizes left at the end of the 2 day event.
We had many enquiries about adoption, and when the cash was counted we had raised nearly £440 - so well done everyone!
Only downside - and we were extremely lucky - was when a beech tree behind our stall shed a very large branch with a loud crack!!
It missed the DCGR trailer by inches, and our sales table by a couple of feet. The potential for damage to property and even serious injury to our members was very real. Someone up there must be looking after us!

Midge's New Home


On Sunday May 4th we brought home from your greyhound rescue centre kennels at Lockerbie a lovely little lady called Midge.
From the first we were smitten, and she has not disappointed. Midge is a delight, she is learning fast, knows her name and comes (mostly) when called, she is sweet and gentle, doesn't even hurt when she nibbles your arm in greeting, and to see her smiling and that long tail wagging first thing in the morning sets you up for the day.
She loves galloping on the sand and gadding, as my husband calls it, in the water. She likes to pinch shoes, but doesn't chew them, just takes them to her bed. She has a basket of toys which she carefully picks through until she finds the one she fancies chucking about.
Although Mandy told us that she had not lived in a house, she has never had an accident and asks to go out to relieve herself. She takes the stairs 4 at a time and has only 'chinned' herself once.
At first she seemed quite big, (or the house too small)  she bumped her bottom once or twice, but now fits herself into spaces, she eats like a horse, never leaves a crumb. We are careful with her feeding, Mandy and her mum gave us full instructions and we are sticking to the amounts they recommended.
Sue called on us last Sunday and seemed pleased with Midges' progress.  What a super team you have, Mandy and Mum couldn't have been more helpful, and Sue gave us support and we know that if ( heaven forbid) we should get any problems, these good people will be there to advise.
Midge is wonderful, we wouldn't part with her and hope to have her for many a long year.
With many thanks from my husband John and myself. 

She did it!


Congratulations Lynne Doig Thomson (pictured here with her medal) - for completing the Bupa Great Edinburgh Run to raise money for DCGR!



A huge thank you from all of us!  


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Meet a Greyhound Day

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Meet a Greyhound Day

Asda, Carlisle

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Meet a Greyhound Day/Charity Collection - Houghton Hall, Houghton, Carlisle