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Adopt or Foster?

Are you right for a Greyhound?
  • Greyhounds have the same needs as all dogs.
  • Can you provide a stable, long term home?
  • Are your other pets (if any) compatible with a Greyhound?
  • Will your home provide a safe environment?
  • Do you understand the dog pack behaviour in all dogs?
  • Do you have a suitable garden?
  • Do your work commitments allow you time to spend with your dog?
  • Are you committed to your Greyhound for the rest of its life?
About Adopting

  • They require very little grooming and shed little hair, which makes them very clean house pets.
  • Most do not bark, but they do sing sometimes.
  • They usually love all people and are very friendly.
  • They are easily house trained.
  • Greyhounds are very affectionate and always want to be with their human family.
  • Most get along with other dogs, and make great second dogs.
  • They live longer than most large breeds (10-14 Years) and have very few health problems.
  • They love to sleep and lounge around a good part of the day.
  • Greyhounds are reasonably large dogs.
  • They should not be let off the lead in an unfenced area until you know them well and have worked on their training.
  • They are sight hounds and can see things a long way off which they may wish to investigate!
  • They are not watch or guard dogs.
About Fostering

Fostering is an important step between the dog's working, racing and kennelling lifestyle and their new life living in a home. It is where they receive some needed support during their first real contact with the world outside racing and working. It is a huge help in making rehoming the dogs easier because it's a step in settling the dog into what will be their future home environment. We provide lots of support to all of our fosterers and along with this we supply all feed, dog beds, bowls, collars, leads, coats, and cover for vets bills! We just require your time and love and understanding to teach these lovely dogs about home life, so we can find out all about their wee traits and personalities which then helps us to match them to their forever homes.

Want to know more?

If you are interested in providing a home to a retired Greyhound, or maybe want to foster a dog, fund-raise or simply want to get involved please contact us at office@dgrescue.org.uk or visit us on our website for more information http://www.dgrescue.org.uk/get-involved. You can also follow us on Facebook at the link on the foot of this page.

We look forward to hearing from you.