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Wednesday 14 June

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Today Wednesday 14th June, Rhys visited the vet hospital in Glasgow for his weekly checkup. He is doing so well that he doesn't need to go back for another fortnight!! His stitches were taken out today on both the wounds ie. where the plate was screwed in and on the other side of his leg where the skin was cut to draw it over the plate. He has regained the weight he lost when in hospital and it took 2 nurses to lift him into the examination room as he put the brakes on and wouldn't move! Poor nurses had to do the same on his return to the waiting area. Today, they had to replaster his leg as the cast was slipping due to muscle wastage but all this loss will come back when "stookie" is removed completely. All in all, he is doing remarkably well.

Rhys seems to be the star patient as all the staff came out to say hello to him, especially as his "sisters" Molly and Sky accompanied him into the waiting area. Not only the staff came out to say hello but all the people waiting for their pets also came over to see the 3 greys.

Picture shows Rhys relaxing on his return home.

Friday 2 June

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Today Friday 2nd June Graham took Rhys up to the Vet Hospital in Glasgow where he had his bandage renewed - now a nice shade of blue rather than shocking pink!! He is progressing well and his wound is healing satisfactory. He will return next Wednesday for another bandage change. As we are a Scottish Charity, Vetsnow Animal Hospital have given us a substantial discount with the current bill being just over £5000 which does not include future visits. Please remember this was a complicated operation. Luckily members and supporters have been very generous and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Once we close the appeal, we will let you all know how much was raised.

As part of the appeal, Graham has organised a special Meet Rhys fundraiser at Pets at Home in Dumfries on Saturday 15 July where all greys will be welcome and cash raised will go to the appeal. Thanks to everyone for their support.

Check outthe video of Rhys on our Frontpage/

Rhys Returns Home

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Rhys is home... but has to return to Glasgow to have hisdressing changed and is not allowed upstairs, or to run etc. for at least 6 weeks. Graham said 

Rhys is bright, has had something to eat and is at present fast asleep on his bed downstairs. Molly and Sky were delighted to see him and Margaret had a tear in her eye!

I have to take him back on Friday then on Monday for bandage changes.

Rhys and I quote "must not run, jump, climb stairs or play". His leg will be bandaged for 6 weeks and then x-rays to see how the bones are fusing and his wounds are healing. Following that, he may have a rigid dressing for another few months to a maximum of 6.

Obviously, he will get the best of care here!

They then presented me with an invoice which came to over £6,700. On questioning, they agreed that they forgot to take off the 10% so we are looking at £6,000. This does not include further visits to replace bandages.

On Friday, they will have an amended bill ready and we will be expected to pay - the only reason I negotiated a delay was the fact that we had been referred by a vet. If I had walked off the street with Rhys, I would have had to pay today.

Sunda 28 May update

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Graham received a phone call today from the Vet hospital in Glasgow and it is all good news!! He has been moved from the critical care unit to the "normal floor" and is very inquisitive and watching all the movement around him. He is eating well, toileting ok and is generally very bright. He has been an excellent patient, not moaning or whimpering at all in fact he has been a very brave boy considering all that has happened to him. For the first time, today he tentatively put weight on the broken leg which is a good sign. Picture was taken by staff at Vets Now in Glasgow who have been very supportive. All going well, he will maybe be home at the end of the week.

Today is operation day

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The picture shows poor Rhys in the back of Graham's car at the start of his journey to Glasgow. The update from the vets following a scan showed that not only was his front leg broken over a year ago and has fused but that the hock broken a couple of days ago was also previously broken, possibly at the same time!! He will remain in the vet hospital until the weekend when they will operate, clean out the shattered bone fragments, insert a grafting medium, pin it all together and the put it in a cast.

We have been asked a couple of times why he was not put to sleep! DCGR does not put dogs to sleep other than on the advice of a vet/behaviourist confirmed by a committee decision. The prognosis for Rhys is excellent conditional on no complications and as he is not yet 3 he should make a full recovery. As you all know, no-one in the charity is paid so all funds raised go towards the welfare of the dogs in our care. Rhys would be delighted if you could press the donate button on www.dgrescue.org.uk and assist in the costs.

 to make a donation follow this link  http://www.dgrescue.org.uk/rhys


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Introducing Rhys, a lovely Brindle 2½year oldBrindle lad that came to us a few weeks ago and is a really nice friendly guy. We noticed thst he had alimp on his front leg and when he was at the verts getting nutered we asked them to take an X-ray of this leg. This showed he had at one time broken his leg and it had heaaled naturakky but this left him with a limp and some discomfort after a walk.

While we were discussing this he decided to chase a hare tthat decided to vist the garden. He spun round and, guess what he has broken  his back leg.  

After more X-Rays he has been referred to aGlasgow Vetinary Centre for Treatment. He has undergone an MRI and they plan to carry out sergury on Thursday.

The expected cost of this is around £4,000 but Rhys is just a young dog with a great nature and we feel the charity has to get on with it.  We are launching an appeal to help us rasie the funds we need to cover the operation and wil be activly fundraising.  If you would like to donate tothe "Rhys Rescue Appeal" please follow the link on the front page.