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How much do you charge for a dog?

We charge £100 for each dog when you sign the adoption forms, however we do have other adoption schemes and this can be paid over 12 months if you sign up as a member for 24 months at the same time as adoption.

The adoption fee is a minimal amount for a thoroughbred Greyhound and helps us towards the cost of neutering, vaccinating, micro-chipping, kennelling, feeding and transporting the dogs and making them ready for adoption.

It is also worthy of note that £100 is our minimum charge for each dog but you can have a larger adoption fee if preferred as this would help us greatly.

In addition to the cost of the dog you will also need to have a suitable greyhound collar, a lead, a waterproof cold weather coat, raised dog bowls and a dog bed. We are able to sell these to you at very competitive prices. As part of the adoption fee we provide a muzzle.

If you have any queries about the details of this article please contact office@dgrescue.org.uk.