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How much exercise do Greyhounds need?

One of the most common misconceptions about Greyhounds is that they require lots of exercise – they don't.

Greyhounds are happy with a couple of short walks a day. They are retired after all! Greyhounds are well mannered on the lead as a rule which makes them ideal pets for any age group.

If you have a secure open area, Greyhounds love to run, and a Greyhound running free is beautiful to watch. It is advisable not to let a Greyhound off the lead unless you are in an enclosed space though. The training Greyhounds receive, combined with thousands of generations of careful breeding focusing on speed and the chasing instinct often results in Greyhounds remaining 'keen' long after they have retired from the track.

The rule is to keep them on a lead as you would any dog when they are out in public and not in a controlled secure space.