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Fifty Reasons To Own a Greyhound

1. They are often misjudged

2. They are tolerant

3. They are gentle

4. They get along with other breeds

5. They are very clean

6. They are great with children

7. They have velvety soft fur

8. They are very social

9. They have great personalities

10. They have a long life expectancy

11. They love car rides

12. They love cuddles

13. They love to snuggle with each other

14. They can curl up into small spaces

15. They rarely bark!

16. They love to be petted

17. They love teddy bears

18. They love to play

19. They don't need much exercise

20. They are alert

21. They are intelligent

22. They love to run - fast!

23. They love to nap - a lot!

24. They don't mind sharing

25. They are VERY hard to tell off

26. They are always willing to help you finish a meal

27. They make great therapy dogs

28. They can be canine blood donors

29. They are fast learners

30. They are used to muzzles

31. They have a long pedigree

32. They are funny

33. They are very 'smiley'

34. They give great (big!) kisses

35. They lean on you

36. They encourage you to buy many sofas

37. They want to 'couch potato' with you

38. They are lovely and warm

39. They hug you back!

40. They miss you when you aren't around

41. They have lovely little front teeth

42. They have the bendiest noses

43. They make the best lap dogs!

44. They have big beautiful doleful eyes

45. They are yoga experts

46. They are great listeners

47. They ensure you never feel lonely

48. They are very patient

49. They can sing (known as 'rooing')

50. They are style icons!