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Due to lots of problems and issues with this website (Vista-Print) we are building a new website which will replace this site completely. We apologise for any inconvenience this has caused you. Feel free to call us for more infformation about the dogs we have available on. 01461 40066 or 07974 253424

Greyhounds looking for a new forever home

Below are just some of the dogs we have looking for a new home. If you see a Greyhound you think might join your family please call us on 01461 40066 or 07974 253424 for a brief no-obligation chat to find out more about the dog of interest.

All the dogs are ex-racing greyhounds who have now retired and will make superb pets. Most are okay with other dogs but it is unlikely that they can live with a cat in the household due to their former training.

Generally they are great on the lead and easy dogs to look after, all they need is some moderate exercise perhaps one or two 20 min. walks a day, a soft bed (old duvet is ideal) and somewhere warm to sleep plus of course meals!

Pick your nex best friend below. 


One of our latest dogs,a real star.

Glen Now R-ehomed

Our latest addition a Blue Greyhound


Sniffing out for a new home!


A cheeky lad looking for a new home

Paddy -Now Re-homed

Check out this stunner


Where will he go for his new home


Fulkl info and photos coming soon!


One of our favourites

Percy - Now Re-homed

This chap must be on your shortlist

Karen - Re-Homed

Details coming soon

Maisie - Now Re-homed

Details coming soon


Details coming soon