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Reiver is a lovely 5 yr old dark brindle dog. He is a nice friendly boy who travels well and loves his trips in the car. He is good with children and has played well with all the dogs he has met.

Reiver is very affectionate and really enjoys his cuddles and kisses. He is quite food orientated so he should be relatively easy to train. He tries very hard to please.  

He is a very "keen" dog,that is to say he tries to chase small animals so he really needs to be homes as the ONLY PET. He could live with another dog of a reasonable size as he gets on well with our other Greyhounds.  Even a budgie in a cage would be at risk once Reiver spots it!

If you would like to meet Reiver, or any of our dogs with a view to adopting, fostering or sponsoring then please contact us at any of the numbers below.

We look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Re-homing a Greyhound

How it works

Our Principal activity is to find forever homes for retired racing greyhounds. We have lots of dogs to choose from all with their own personalities and temperaments. 


To meet some of our dogs, you are invited to come to any of our events featured on our News & Events Page.  (Not all dogs go to all events.) We normally fundraise at these events and all the donations we receive are spent on Vet Fees and Kenneling charges. 

All our staff are unpaid volunteers so you can be sure that every penny you donate goes to the dogs, literally!

If you would like to meet any of our dogs with a view to adopting, fostering or sponsoring, or would like to donate or become a member then please contact us as follows:-

Telephone Colin on 01461 40066 or 07974 253424


Viv on 01899 880269

We look forward to hearing from you