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What about Tooth Care?

The condition of any dogs teeth depends on their age and the care they have had.

It depends on what sort of food your dog has been fed in racing kennels and whether or not they were kept almost entirely muzzled or just muzzled when traveling/racing. There are also variations between dogs of the same age who are fed the same food. Much like people, some dogs have strong trouble free teeth and others need dental help.

There are effective and inexpensive ways of maintaining your dog's teeth health. You can regularly feed your dog a selection of pig's ears, dried tripe, raw bones, tough rawhide chews, raw chicken wings or poultry necks. A very useful, effective and economical aid to tooth cleaning is to give your dog a month long course of Fragaria (homeopathic remedy). When used in the correct dosage and combined with the aforementioned hard foods you should notice a dramatic improvement in your dog's teeth over the month of treatment. Always seek the advice of a vet in any treatment for your dog first.

Regular cleaning of your dog's teeth with a toothbrush and 'doggy' toothpaste is important in any dogs health routine.

For any concerns about your dogs teeth always consult a vet.