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The Cat Test

This is a video showing the process of introducing your new Greyhound to the family cat. 

Cat or new home testing any new pet is not an exact science and each introduction will have many facets.  What we can say is that most dogs can be trained to live with a cat.  It is the responsibility of the new owner to do the necessary training but we can give advice and guidance along the way.


Having said all that we can probably give a guarantee when we think a dog is not cat safe!


Rupert’s owner Sue, who has one of our dogs,  has allowed us to use Rupert to test greyhounds for some time now and he is very experienced at it.  He almost tells us when he has the upper hand and with Bronson, Rupert obviously thinks he is the boss.  But the next cat might be different so who knows?

It is important to note that you should always do this for introducing any new pet into the house with any existing pets. In this video you see Mandy Bleasdale of Happy Houndz and our Chairman and Honorary President, Arthur Robinson introducing Bronson to Rupert the cat.

If you would like to know more about introducing a Greyhound to your existing family please feel free to contact us at office@dgrescue.org.uk. We are happy to help you in this process.

How it works

Our Principal activity is to find forever homes for retired racing greyhounds. Please visit our Rehoming Page at www.dgrescue.org.uk.

You are also welcome to come to our events featured on our News & Events page to Meet the Greyhounds. All donations go on Vet Fees and Kenneling and all our staff are unpaid volunteers so you can be sure that every penny you donate goes to the dogs, literally!

If you would like to meet any of our dogs with a view to adopting, fostering or sponsoring, or would like to donate or become a member then please contact us as follows:-

Telephone Audrey on 01228 549925

Telephone Viv on 01899 880269

email us on rehoming@dgrescue.org.uk

The Rehoming Team